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Welcome to the Jewish Cruise Club!! Join Jewish travelers as we travel together to the most beautiful ports in the world, on the most beautiful Cruise Ships in the world! From Jewish Theme Cruises, Singles Cruises, Mystery Cruises, and other exciting Theme Cruise Events, the Jewish Cruise Club will show you the way! Whether you are traveling as a single, couple, family or with friends you will meet other Jewish travelers ready to share in the excitement and the experience.

MITZVAH! This club would also like to help any of our members plan fund raising cruises to aid the non-profits closest to your heart.  If you are looking at this site, then you are better off than millions of people in this world.  Reach out.  Today if you do nothing…perform just one Mitzvah!

Shalom! I am Susie (Shauna) Hoffman. I decided to start this website to help fellow Jewish Travelers find the cruise of their dreams. Some of our cruises will be arranged Jewish Themed events and others will be a group of the Jewish Cruise Club on the same ship meeting up over the course of the cruise for friendship and camaraderie. Having taken over 184 cruises I can say I AM A CRUISE EXPERT! I have traveled the world. My goal with this site is for our specialists, at Cruise Planners American Express, a division of Whodunit Productions Inc, to help YOU plan the cruise of your dreams!

The picture of me above is with my Mother Aggie. I have dedicated this site to her and our family who was lost in the Holocaust. My Mom is an Auschwitz survivor. She was a young teenager when her family was taken. She lost her mother, father and all of her sisters. Yet, she is filled with love for people! Love for LIFE! She has shared that with me and now we want to share this with you! She taught me to never put off LIFE! More importantly, never to take LIFE for granted. I hope you enjoy these pages filled with ideas and dreams for your own vacation memories. Aggie is the one who took me on my very first cruise! Little did she know what she started!

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In loving Memory of Anna and Bela Weissbrun